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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 16:28

Champions together at Tocumwal on the 10th October 2015...

0 Brad   Ingo Tocumwal

We are very fortunate in our club to have Ingo Renner as our Chief Flying Instructor.

Ingo is a resident of Tocumwal and has a long list of achievements in gliding.

Ingo has been Australian National Champion nineteen times and World Gliding Champion in the Standard Class in 1976.

World Champion in the Open Class in 1983, 1985 and 1987 (see Ingo Renner on Wikipedia).

Ingo has received various awards from Australia and internationally with regards to his achievements in gliding.

He presently has more than 36,000 hours flying gliders, a figure that I doubt few in the world would equal.

On Saturday (10th October) Brad Edwards paid a flying visit to the SRGC.

Brad is the other Australian World Gliding Champion, which he won in 1991 in Uvalde, Texas.

1 Brad arrives with his Super Tug













Brad Edwards (left) welcomed by Ingo, after arriving at Tocumwal in his 'Super Tug'.


Saturday the 10th October was a special day for the two Australian World Gliding Champions.

Brad had made the special trip to again fly the first aircraft he had been trained in, the Kookaburra,

which is currently owned by Judy & Ingo Renner.


8 Kookaburra the centre of attention















The lovely Kookaburra, again the centre of attention…


The weather gods were smiling, with some thermals and the predicted storm front a no show.

The SRGC glider pilots found the 'Super Tug' quite interesting...


2 Ingo showing Brad where he wants his release













Ingo showing Brad were he wants his release.


3 The compression is very poor in this engine

The compression in this engine is very low...

4 William finds the Conquest II Tool Box

Bill finds the Conquest tool box...


5 whos a pretty boy then      
















Brad's 'Super Tug' was put to bed and the small welcoming committee set off for the SRGC hangar.


 9 Win News Coverage













The local Win News covered the event and the local Tocumwal press was also there.


11 Owner gives pilots last instructions















The owner giving the pilots some last minute instructions…


The first flight in the Kookaburra for Brad was as a teenager, so it was quite a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The two world champions decided a 'mutual' in the Kookaburra two seater would be the first flight.


13 Now where to mount the camera












Now where to put the camera...


14 Brad  Ingo  Before Takeoff
















SAR number anyone? Ingo and Brad about to commit some aviation.


After a re-acquaintance flight Judy & Ingo sent Brad solo again...


 15 Brad Solo again in the same Kookaburra














Very nice landing, probably better than his first attempt...





Also during the day we had an "Air Experience Flight".

Very appropriate that on such a day we had young people mixing with these champions,

and with nervous excitement taking to the air in a glider for the first time.


17 Ingo prepares to take Oliver Black from Finlay for an AEF

















Ingo prepares to take Oliver Black from Finley for an 'AEF'...


18 Ingo removing the Ejection pins

















Ingo removes the ejection pins... ;)


19 Ingo  Oli about to take off for the joy of flight

















Ingo & Ollie about to take off and experience the joy of flight…


20 Willy willy on final














Willy willy on final...


21 Caproni waddles back in
















The wonderfully unique Caproni waddles back in…


22 Full stop All smiles
















Full stop, all smiles...



An evening BBQ was held in perfect late spring weather.


23 a select group brave the mossies
















A select group brave the mozzies…


24 The tales are getting taller













The tales are getting taller…


25 Burnt to perfection















Burnt to perfection...


We retired to a super dinner in the club rooms and listened intently to some great memories.


A fond farewell…

7 Kerry Brad Judy Ingo











Kerry, Brad, Judy & Ingo...


GPS co-ordinates were exchanged and Ingo is now planning his next big cross-country.


Safe and happy flying to all...




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During the Second World War the town was the site of Royal Australian Air Force Station Tocumwal, which was a major Royal Australian Air Force training airfield and aircraft depot. Today, the airfield has grown to be a renowned gliding site.