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You will find a collection of Meteorology formulas, tables and links here in this space.

Henning's formula

Henning's formula, is not exactly a scientific calculation, but it is good enough to make a estimation of the cloud base. All you need is air temperature on the surface (Ts) and the Dewpoint temperature (Ds) on the surface.

(Ts - Ds) * 400 = Cloudbase in ft

(Ts - Ds) * 125 = Cloudbase in m

Skew-T Diagram

Below some useful links to learn more about the Skew-T diagram:

BOM Skew-T diagram introduction

Skew-T diagram introduction with self test

Barometric Height Step

 The barometric height step is the vertical distance which has to be covered in order to achieve a pressure change of 1 hPa. Near the ground this is approximately 8 meters, in 5000m altitude 16 meters and in 10000m altitude 32 meters.

The barometric equation determines the following table for the barometric height step in dependency of altitude and temperature.

  Barometric Height Step [m/hPa]
h ?15 C 0 C 15 C 30 C
0 m 7,5 7,9 8,3 8,8
500 m 7,9 8,3 8,7 9,2
1000 m 8,3 8,7 9,2 9,6
2000 m 9,3 9,7 10,1 10,6
3000 m 10,4 10,8 11,2 11,6

As a rule of thumb for average altitudes and temperaturs "1 hPa/30ft" can be assumed. This average is commonly used in aviation for an approximate calculation.

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