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Written by Peter Hohaus   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 19:52

Thank you for making it possible for me to re-acquaint myself with gliding after 22 years! Daniel also recalls many of the details from his first flight.

I had three nice flights with Ingo Renner and Daniel had one over the past days. It's 25 years since I last flew with Ingo in Germany. By the 3rd flight my technique was coming back. Interesting that after 30 years Eddie is still the tug pilot! Bill and Val Riley were elected life members of the Southern Riverina Gliding Club. Ingo says Bill still comes to the airfield each day. Sportavia's old hangar is looking quite sorrowful with weeds all around the tarmac. I flew glider IS28 IUH which my logbook shows I last flew 28 years ago. The plane has done 17,000 launches and never been bent!. Anyhow, with Ingo's coaching I was able to remember how to fly the glider and even fly to cloud base.....



Ingo told me during one flight that he was recently doing some competition coaching in WA and had a pilot who was 89. The guy told him he intended to quit flying at 80. He then decided to keep flying until he filled the last page in his logbook. Ingo asked him why he was still flying and the guy told him that when he filled his log book he started adding pages....Ingo thought that was a good answer.....the guy came 3rd on one day of the comp and 17th overall.



We visited Daniel's best friend from school and here's a few coincidences. The kid live 20 Km north of Tocs. Ingo outlanded on their property 6 months ago and it caused some excitement (the boy told me "Ingo crashed his plane on our place!" and I explained "Ingo does not crash; he out-lands"). We were having a few drinks with the family and grandad Hawkins told the story of how, when the was 18, the RAAF acquited their farm to build Tocumwal airfield. He subsequently joined the RAAF and was trained on Tiger Moths. The war ended and he returned to the land North of Tocs.


To view some images of my experience select "play slideshow!" next to glider picture....

2009 April Tocumwal
Tocumwal, New South Wales, Australia -
28 Mar 2008
by Boon
Gliding with Ingo Renner
Peter Hohaus
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During the Second World War the town was the site of Royal Australian Air Force Station Tocumwal, which was a major Royal Australian Air Force training airfield and aircraft depot. Today, the airfield has grown to be a renowned gliding site.